• Drivers express anger over Governments' no action on relaxation of Inter-State travel transport

    Drivers express anger over Governments' no action on relaxation of Inter-State travel transport

    Guwahati: Bus drivers, handymen of various night supers, and other long-distance buses expressed dissatisfaction over the government's non-action in relaxation of interstate traveling. The Assam Government issued a new SOP guideline on Tuesday, which states few relaxations in the ongoing restrictions being imposed to prevent the spread of the infection. Assam Health Minister Keshab Mahanta stated that “Inter-district public transport, however, shall remain suspended.”

    The decision of the Assam government not to allowing inter-district movement for the public passenger transport has made the bus driver, owners of night supers dissatisfied and angry. They expressed their dissatisfaction by accusing the state government of not allowing the public transport service.

    Rupam Dutta, Secretary of All Assam Private Day-Night Bus Drivers Association, said that they had gathered at ISBT to resume their work. “We are hopeful that the government will announce a few relaxations in regards to inter-district public transportation,” Dutta said. “But it seems that the state government doesn’t care about our lives or the lives of our family members who are starving,” the bus drivers stated. “We have children at our homes who need to be fed. The government is pushing all of us to die,” they further said.

    The drivers asked the government to relax the restrictions or else they will kill themselves as they don’t have any other option left to feed their families.

    They also demanded that the buses which come from other states should also be banned. “If the buses from other states can enter Assam then why can’t we provide service to the passengers. Around 500 buses are lying in ISBT and thousands of workers are engaged with this profession. What will our family do if we can’t earn,” asked the bus drivers.