• First, in 40 years, ULFA-I not to call for bandh on Independence Day


    Guwahati: United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) breaking 40 years’ record, this year it decided not to call for a Shutdown on Independence Day.

    However, the banned organization led by Paresh Baruah asserted that Independence Day should not be celebrated in Assam as it was not a part of colonial rule.

    In a statement, the banned outfit stated, “The second article of the ‘Treaty of Yandaboo’, signed on February 24, 1826, between the East India Company and Burma stated that Burma and East India Company had accepted the supremacy of Assam and was not transferable to British India.”

    Moreover, the banned outfit expressed its willingness to talk with the Centre on Assam’s sovereignty.

    “Keeping in view the present covid-19 situation and other problems like flood, erosion and unemployment affecting the populations, ULFA-I has abstained itself this time from bandh in Fake Independence Day of colonial India.” Statement read.

    Since its formation in 1979 to create and independent Assam, ULFA-I has been boycotting Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, indulging in terrorizing activities on those days.

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