• Ghare Ghare Pukhuri, Ghare Ghare Maach: Assam just 0.7 percent away from becoming self-sufficient in


    Guwahati: Soon Assam will be self sufficient with regards to fish production as the State Fisheries Department revealed that Assam is just 0.7 percent less.

    It stated that there is a gap of 0.7 percent between the fish production of 3.93 lakh metric tonnes and demand of 4.00lakh metric tonnes.

    “With schemes like PMMSY, RKVY, CMSGUY, RIDF and Ghare Ghare Pukhuri Ghare Ghare Maach going on in full swing the State is on the threshold of becoming self sufficient on the fish production front in the near future,” said Fisheries Development Officer, Pratul Deka.

    The fish production has significantly jumped from 2.94 lakh metric tonnes in 2016-17 to 3.93 lakh metric tonnes in 2020-21, recording a meticulous increase of 33.67 percent in fish production.

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