• Guwahati: Racing Turns into Accident, 3 injured


    Guwahati: Atleast three people were severely injured after a car hit a bolero pickup van on Tuesday night in front of the APSC building in Guwahati.

    Reportedly, the driver of an i20 (As02W0435) and the Renault Duster driver were racing at high speed of 150 km per hour when the i20 car hit the Bolero pickup van (As01KC9001) carrying milk.

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    Three people, out of which one identified as Vijay Singh, is said to be the driver of the bolero pick up and the other two inside the i20 car were severely injured. 

    According to police reports, the i20 was completely damaged. The severely injured youth was rescued by the driver of the Renault Duster and was admitted into the hospital.

    Soon after the accident, the police reached the spot and investigated the accident.

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