• Karbi Welfare Society launches the first ever Karbi magazine "Karbi Birta" in Guwahati


    Guwahati: The Karbi (Mikir) Welfare Society released the first Karbi dual month news magazine titled "Karbi Birta" at the Sukafa Bhaban, in Guwahati, Saturday.

    There were various delegates present at the program for the inauguration event.

    Among the delegates present at the program included - Arindom Prince Panging, Chief Advisor of All India Tribal Students' Association (AITSAA); Kumar Teron, AITSAA president; including Dilip Taro, vice President KDC.

    Some of the renowned writers like Sarala Katharpi and Giridhar Ronghang were also present at the event.

    There were also notable figures like Bhubaneswar Ingti professor DIET; Mahendra Ronghang, General secretary Bangthe Ashem, Thakur Ronghang from Karbi Adarbar present at the event, including few others.

    The event further acknowledged Ronjit Rahang (Chairman of Karbi Development Council outside Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, including the president of KMWS and his complete team members for their contribution to the effort.

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