• Kaziranga National Park to be open on October 1

    Kaziranga National Park to be open on October 1

    Golaghat: The Kaziranga National Park authorities have decided to open the park on October 1, only if there is no flood situation.

    Kaziranga National Park Director, P Shivakumar, stated, "The Brahmaputra's water level is rising in Pasighat even if it has not flooded so far. If the flood threat is gone, the tourist routes damaged by the rain can be repaired in September, and then the National Park could be open in for tourists in October."

    "Moreover, a 15-kilometer road has been open to the newly included Bagcher hills in the National park for tourists tracking," added Director P Shivakumar.

    Last year, the Kaziranga National Park authority arranged to keep the Bagari Forest open for the Bandardubi tourists, but the tourism period closed in May.

    Expressing hope for the increase in the number of tourists, Director P Shivakumar said, "There is a thin hope for the International tourists' arrival due to covid but hoping that the number of domestic tourists will increase."