• Khadi Industry Suffers due to covid pandemic: Report

    Khadi Industry Suffers due to covid pandemic: Report

    Guwahati: Ahead of 75th Independence Day, the artisans of Assam Khadi and Village Industry Board (AKVIB) were busy producing the National flag; however, the production rate decreased due to covid induced pandemic.

    Reportedly, this year, the board targeted to produce only 3,000 National flags, but only 2,100 flags have been produced and distributed.

    An official of the board asserted, “Before, we used to get flag orders from other organizations also, but this year we get the order from only a few government offices, Khadi Private Organization and Assam government departments.”

    Last year, Independence Day and Republic Day are being celebrated in a low-key affair due to pandemic. This year, too, 75th India’s independence will be celebrated with a low-key affair.
    Earlier, the educational institutes celebrated Independence Day and Republic Day, but from last year it is not celebrating as it remains closed due to covid-19, it affected the Khadi board, said the official.

    The board appointed the workers on a contractual basis to make the national flag for more than 20 years. But this year, due to the pandemic, they have to suffer as the board didn’t receive many orders.

    “We were tensed about our future before we used to make tri-colour during Independence Day and Republic Day, and in the off-season, we used to make jackets, pyjamas, kurtas and other Khadi things. We used to feel proud about our works, but now the scenario is different due to the pandemic.” a worker stated.