• Kharguli Rave Party: Drugs Supplier Arrested From Delhi


    Guwahati: Vishal Choudhury, the drug supplier in the Kharguli rave party episode was arrested by the Assam Police from Delhi.

    He has been brought to Guwahati and is kept in the Latasil police station from interrogation.

    According to the source, he was the supplier of cocaine from Delhi and has been arrested on the confession of Ashok Barman who is one of the main accused.

    On 13 August, police busted a rave party at the third floor of Kharghuli's Riveria apartments near Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati, and 18 people were arrested from the apartment. The police also seized different types of drugs from the party.

    During the initial interrogation, it was revealed that the owner of the apartment, Vikash Jain would usually organize such rave parties.

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