• Khasi youths allege assault by Assam Police

    Khasi youths allege assault by Assam Police

    Shillong: On Monday, the residents of Umlaper village, in Meghalaya claimed that Assam police allegedly assaulted three of its Khasi youths. 

    Locals also stated that out of three youths, two of them were severely injured. Following the incident, they were immediately shifted to Bhoirymbong Community Health Centre.

    As per sources, the incident took place at around 7 pm. All of the three Khasi youths were returning from Mawlasnai village.

    But, upon entering the region, police from Ulukunchi and those staying momentarily at IB of Assam allegedly held and harrassed the youths. 

    Taking note of the incident, the Khasi Students' Union (KSU) central body has asked the KSU Eastern Border region to head to Umlaper village. 

    As per sources, locals of Umlaper village have set ablaze the camp of Assam police in an act of vengeance. 

    However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the police from both Meghalaya and Assam.