• Living life king-size: Assam ACS officer arrested for amassing crores of property

    Living life king-size: Assam ACS officer arrested for amassing crores of property

    Tinsukia: An Assam Civil Service (ACS) officer was found to be living life king size after it was reported that he had amassed huge property, worth over Rs. 100 crore. A senior police officer stated the ACS officer was arrested by the Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell for allegedly accumulating assets disproportionate to his obvious roots of income.

    The alleged official, Saibar Rahman, was being investigated based on a charge claiming that Rahman, the additional deputy commissioner in Dhubri, had procured the large property by unlawful and corrupt means.

    As per sources, Rahman has been found with assets of more than Rs 100 crore. The assets included 89 landed resources in his name and that of his two wives.

    The investigation further discovered portable and stable assets belonging to him. The assets count is worth above Rs 6.38 crore. Out of these, 95% of the assets are extra to his obvious sources of income. 

    “He was held at 2.00 pm today following the probe team had received enough documentary proof and substantial proof upon him,” the probe team official stated.

    “A complaint petition was accepted at the chief minister’s special vigilance cell alleging that the then Additional Deputy Commissioner of Dhubri, Rahman, obtained huge wealth by unlawful and fraudulent means, which is extra to his obvious sources of earnings. Following this, a formal inquiry was started as per the orders of the chief minister’s office (CMO),” he continued.

    “For the purpose of determining income, assets and expenditure and to work out the amounts of excessive assets and the course of purchase of properties in property of the officer, the check period was taken from June 23, 2002 to April 30, 2021,” the officer responded.

    “Throughout this time, data was gathered regarding his takeover of stable properties. We have discovered 89 landed properties registered in either his or one of his two wives’ names of which the business rate will be higher than Rs 100 crore,” the SP stated.