• Local groups organize 'Knife surrender' rally against government's failure in Shillong


    Shillong: On Monday, protesters from eleven local groups organized a unique 'pyndem tari' (knife surrender) rally in Shillong.

    The local units protest against the government's negligence to suspend police personnel accountable for shooting a former militant leader on August 13.

    Many youths and activists, including women, along with leaders of the "Ka Sur Ki Nongmawlai," an umbrella organization of the 11 local groups, took part in the rally.

    They have asked the government to suspend the police personnel accountable for killing Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council's former general secretary Cheristerfield Thangkhiew.

    The demonstrators, carrying locally-made knives and yelling slogans, deposited the knives at the Mawlai bus stand following the rally around the state capital.

    "This is a symbolic rally as the police alleged that they shot upon Thangkhiew in 'self-defense' on August 13 when the slain former HNLC leader hit the policemen with a knife. Our protests would continue until the government takes action against the guilty police officials," an activist informed the media.

    Previously, disorder broke out on August 15 following the shooting incident. A police vehicle was further burnt down, including police officers' weapons looted.

    The entire state went under curfew for the disorders and confusion after the encounter of the militant leader.

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