• Meghalaya’s new intervention to be ‘Climate Change Chaupal’s’

    Meghalaya’s new intervention to be ‘Climate Change Chaupal’s’

    Climate change has becoming a big issue in the present time. With climate change becoming a real time threat, Meghalaya decided to invoke its traditional leaders and institutions by turning them into evangelists and climate actors and crusaders. Meghalaya Forest Minister James Sangma has decided to take it upon himself to collect ecological knowledge and climate wisdom from the ancestral conceptions and indigenous tribal leaders of traditional institutions to create awareness and strategy of climate change adaptation and mitigation for the state.

    A mini climateApart from the formal government systems (the state legislature and judiciary) as well as Autonomous District Councils that were carved to allot greater autonomy to tribal communities in Meghalaya, the state's village-level traditional institutions called Dorbar in Khasi and Jaintia Hills and Nokma in Garo Hills are village-level authorities that administer at the local levels in the matter of quotidian activities like settlement of local disputes, management of natural resources and provision of basic services.

    Input: The Sentinel