• More than 600 vehicles enter Mizoram from Assam post-economic blockade re-opening


    Guwahati: With the lifting of the economic blockade on National Highway- 306 on August 7, the traffic movement between Mizoram and Assam continues to go smoothly as more than 600 vehicles have entered Mizoram from the neighboring state.

    The July 26, a violent clash ensued between the two states of Assam and Mizoram, in which seven people including, six policemen from Assam, died and more than 60 were injured, on both sides. Because of the incident, locals from the Dholai-Lailapur area in Assam’s Cachar district bordering Mizoram had imposed a blockade on Mizoram’s lifeline NH-306, putting a complete halt on supplies.

    More than 640 vehicles carrying goods and some carrying passengers have entered Mizoram from Assam vis NH-306, says Kolasib Deputy Commissioner H. Lalthlangliana. The train service is yet to enter the state from Assam.

    Lalthlangliana said that the border issue is not a dispute between the Mizos and the non-Mizos it is completely an affair between two state governments. He urged the citizens of Mizoram to refrain from any anti-social activities which could tarnish the reputation of the state. He asked the people to show hospitality and a sense of welcome to drivers and vehicles which entered from other states. No one should create any trouble against non-tribal or Assam residents living in the state. He expressed hope that traffic movement between the two states will continue smoothly.

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