• Mukul returns: A celebratory homecoming for Mangaldoi lad from Bangladesh jail


    Mangaldoi: There were celebrations, pathways crowded with people, as all stood gazing at a police vehicle, waiting to see their boy, Mukul Hazarika. Once Mukul got down from the police vehicle, the crowd ran towards him and embraced him affectionately.

    Mukul Hazarika, a resident of Assam, and a rickshaw puller by profession, returned back to his homeland on Monday after spending three years in a Bangladesh jail.

    Hazarika, a resident of Assam’s Danhee in Darrang district, was sentenced to three years in jail for illegally entering Bangladesh.

    On Monday, the Bangladesh Border Guard Force and Bangladesh Police handed over Mukul to the Border Security Force (BSF) and Belonia Police of India through the Belonia check-post on the India-Bangladesh border.

    Mukul entered through the Belonia checkpost after police and border guards from both countries signed agreements of handover via a meeting.

    Mukul Hazarika entered Bangladesh in 2017 illegally, without informing anyone at home. He entered Bangladesh unknowingly and disappeared. Family members tried their best to trace Mukul, but in vain. After living illegally in Bangladesh for several years, Bangladesh police finally arrested Hazarika on suspicion.

    Hazarika was jailed for three years after being taken to the Feni court in Bangladesh for failing to show valid documents for entry into Bangladesh after interrogation.

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