• New SOP guidelines released by Assam government

    New SOP guidelines released by Assam government

    Guwahati: Assam Health Minister Keshav Mahanta announced a new set of Standard Operating Protocols (SOP) with more relaxation in the state at 11 am on September 1. 

    The relaxation implemented on the state to be followed from today onwards. The relaxations are mentioned below:

    1. Curfew from 9 pm to 5 am. 
    2. Shops to be remain open till 8 pm.
    3. Inter-district transport, with 100 percent seating capacity will be allowed for passengers having atleast single dose of covid vaccine.  
    4. No standing passengers will be allowed. Heavy fine will be imposed on such passengers.
    5. Fifty persons were allowed to attend marriage ceremonies. 
    6. Fully vaccinated passengers will not be required covid tests.
    7. Final year Examinations will be held from September 8 onwards. 
    8. Forty people were allowed at a time in religious places. 
    9. Pillion riding allowed for the two-wheelers.
    10. Covid vaccine is compulsory for students above the age of 18. 
    11. Fifty people were allowed to attend funerals. 
    12. Hoteliers need to be vaccinated with both covid doses. 
    13. Pregnant women are allowed to work from home.