• Post Sushmita Dev’s resignation, APCC welcomes Naiwrita Joy Shukla to the party


    Guwahati: The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has finally found Sushmita Dev's substitute, who resigned from Congress on Monday.

    On Tuesday, APCC welcomed Naiwrita Joy Shukla, granddaughter of former congress MP Lalit Mohan Suklabaidya from Karimganj constituency, to the Congress party.

    Sushmita Dev joined the Trinamool Congress on Monday.

    Addressing the Media, APCC President Bhupen Borah said, "Grandly, we welcome our daughter of Barak Naiwrita Joy Shukla, an entrepreneur who was also the General Secretary of Ramjas College, to our party."

    "We have opened the door to our party for the youths who are engaged in social works."

    Borah stressing about the qualities to have in youths to join the party, said, "Youths who believe in democracy, secularism and obey the Constitution and have the will to serve the state may come to join the party."

    The newly joined Congress member Naiwrita said, "I joined the party to work for the people. This time the party is not at its highest peak. Everyone faces ups and downs, but one should stick together,"

    Notably, after a day, Sushmita Dev resigned from APCC President Bhupen Borah told the media that the party would find a replacement for her within 15 days. The entry of Naiwrita Joy Shukla proved that APCC President has what he had said.

    Now, it will be notable to see whether Naiwrita will be able to fit the shoes of the position of Sushmita Dev.

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