• Rajnigandha Banned: Muh Me Rajnigandha , Packet Zeher Se Bandha

    Rajnigandha Banned: Muh Me Rajnigandha , Packet Zeher Se Bandha

    Guwahati: Rajanigandha , you may not have seen this flower in common, but the sight is not that rare too. Sometimes in the mouth of a youngster, in a roadside stall; yes, you got it right, the famous gutkha ‘carrying the world at its feet’.

    Chewing bettlenut or harmful ‘Gutkha’ has turned into a habit of many youngsters or sometimes just for the sake of an unclaimed ‘fashion’. There seems to be no end to this ill habit of many.

    If you are also a regular ‘pan masala’ chewer, then it would be quite onerous for you to digest the fact that the flavourful Rajnigandha is ‘full’ of harmful chemicals such as – Magnesium carbonate.

    If you are also eating this pan masala daily then you should also know that you are chewing a packet of poison in the name of aromatic paan masala. Toxic substances are added to Rajnigandha to entice the buyer. The latest test on ‘Rajnigandha’ has detected toxic substances in it. The government has already cancelled the license of the company just after the confirmation.

    ‘Rajnigandha’ was produced at the Dharampal-Satyapal group factory at Bamunimaidam in Guwahati. Investigations by the Food Safety Authority of India and the Standards Authority have detected the presence of Magnesium – carbonate in Rajnigandha. Magnesium carbonate is harmful to the human body, the toxic substance which is mixed with Rajnigandha is reported to affect the loss of memory and eyesight. After this investigation, 50,000 cartoons of Rajanigandha have been seized and Dharampal-Satyapal's license has been canceled to operate in the region.

    From now on after the cancellation of the license, DS group will not be able to produce Rajnigandha. The presence of magnesium carbonate was detected in Rajnigandha at the National Food Laboratory in Kolkata. Subsequent tests conducted in Ghaziabad also confirmed the same. After receiving this information there is now a lot of sensation in the market and among the consumer. It will be noted how strictly the government takes action against such products that threaten public health.