• Rivers entering the State causes flood: Minister Pijush Hazarika


    Guwahati: Several rivers entering Assam’s Chirang district from the foothills of Bhutan causes erosion along their banks in the State, Minister Pijush Hazarika said in Assam assembly.

    Additionally, the Minister said to mitigate the flood flow; the government had a discussion with the authorities of BTR, under which Chirang falls.

    Hazarika was replying to a discussion put by UPPL legislator Jayanta Basumatary on flood and erosion problems in his Sidli constituency in Chirang district during the Member’s hour.

    Moreover, the Minister stated, as most rivers of Chirang flow from the foothills of Bhutan so, the water current is very strong, which caused erosion in the banks of those rivers.

    However, he pointed out that the length of the rivers which flows through Chirang is not much, so a planned action can help alleviate the issue.

    Reportedly, among the rivers which flow into Chirang from Bhutan are the Aei, three main sub-tributaries of Champabati, Swrmanga and the Makra.

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