• The world will end if I take vaccine: Priest's viral excuse for not taking the vaccine


    Guwahati: The ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ programme initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is finding some tremendous resistance by the rural people, seniors, hill tribes, and some highly superstitious people as well.

    The ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ programme aims to bring vaccination to the doorstep though this age group, which have recorded the highest number of deaths in the second wave.

    Whatsoever, there are many who are resisting and even hiding from the health workers who arrive to their doorsteps to vaccinate. In one such incident, a priest from Guwahati’s Adabari has dared if anyone can come to his home and vaccinate him, as he has foreseen a divine message from the good Lord.

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    Challenging the health department as well as the state government, the priest of Adabari’s Shiva temple, reiterated that he will die if he gets vaccinated. Earlier too when the health department workers reached his home to vaccinate him with the first dose, the priest showed the same resistance, slammed the door of his house, right in front of the health workers. “They forcefully vaccinated me with the first dose. This time if even the Chief Minister arrives to my doorstep, I won’t take the vaccine. Yet, if CM Himanta Biswa Sarma plans to come to my home, I have a secret to share with him; a divine message that I shall share only with the CM,” said the priest.

    The priest has surprised the health workers with many statements and excuses. At one point he says that he will die, while another moment he says the earth will come to an end if he is vaccinated with the second dose. Whatsoever, such excuses are truly putting a much new headache for the health workers who are moving door-to-door to make the ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ programme a success.

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