• This District will Provide Drop Home Facility for Boozers on New Year's Eve


    Digital Desk: Good news for the boozers! Ahead of New Year, a district of Assam has come up with a new initiative to aid boozers.

    Reportedly, the Biswanath district administration has introduced a helpline number to address the problem of drink and drive on New Year's Eve.

    According to the district administration, the goal was to avoid inebriated boozers from causing accidents. The helpline number will assist in getting drunk people home from a New Year’s Eve party.

    The district administration has set up two helpline numbers and arranged vehicles as part of the campaign. On December 31, the facility will be open to the public.

    People who believe they are inebriated and may be at risk of an accident due to excessive alcohol intake can call the helplines for assistance. They have the option of requesting a drop-off service. For this aim, ten vehicles have been allocated to various police stations throughout the area.

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    “If anybody gets into difficulties after getting intoxicated and is unable to return home or go from one location to another during the celebration, the police department has arranged vehicles with the assistance of the district administration.” said Biswanath district Superintendent of Police Leena Doley.

    According to the district administration, Biswanath police will have vehicles with drivers to provide the service. Gohpur and Sootea police stations will have two vehicles each, and Jinjia, Helem, and Behali police stations will have one vehicle each.

    “For this purpose, two helpline lines have been established: 9854684760 and 9954758961,” Leena Doley stated.

    Meanwhile, the Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has also directed the police, the state transport department, and the excise department to work together to crack down on drunk driving across the state.

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