• Toilet near Govindam sweets, Rs 10,000 collected in total during inspection drive


    Guwahati: Various branches of Health and Enforcement of Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) carried out an inspection drive across the city today.

    A total of four food/trade outlets were inspected throughout the day which includes

    1. General Traders, Athgaon (Workshop)
    2. Govindam, Down Town (Sweets Shop and Sweet factory)
    3. Naga Kitchen, Down Town (Restaurant)
    4. The Golden Spoon, Down Town (Restaurant)

    During the inspection, the enforcement team found two trade licenses invalid. While two other trade outlets were fined for failing to keeping up with the standard of proper health and hygiene.

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    It maybe mentioned here that the inspection team of GMC found a toilet right next to the sweet preparation factory (karkhana), near the shop, raising questions on appropriate health and hygiene conditions being maintained or not while preparing and production of food items.

    While the trade license of ‘The Golden Spoon’ restaurant has expired recently. A fine of Rs 10,000 was imposed in the above trade outlets.

    The various branches of Health and Enforcement of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation, usually carry out such inspection drive on regular basis.

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    Many trade licenses have been annulled before due to failure to maintain the required food hygiene standards in their trades.

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