• Tripura’s famous ‘Gandharaj’ lemon flies to Germany

    Tripura’s famous ‘Gandharaj’ lemon flies to Germany

    Earlier, Assam’s ‘Kazi Nemu,’ an Assamese lemon, made its way through the markets of London. After this success, now Tripura’s famous ‘Gandharaj’ lemon made its way to Germany. In an around 500 ‘Gandharaj’ lemon of Tripura has been exported to Germany for experimental basis. 

    The lemons are accompanied by paper lemons and one metric tone of jackfruit. It will be delivered from Tripura to Germany via Guwahati. If the demand gets raised, the fortunes of the farmers of Tripura will be escalated. 

    The Kazi nemu was loved by the London people. Between December 2020 and January 2021, a massive consignment of Kazi nemu weighing almost 6 MT was send to the European business sectors. Kazi Nemu is used to prepare refreshing drinks and pickles as well as garnishing curry and other dishes.