• Two Arrested with 10 Geckos, 10kg Pangolin Skin in Karbi Anglong


    Guwahati: In the association of Assam Police and Forest Department a joint operation was imitated, under which the departments have recovered 10 Geckos (small lizard) and 10 kg of Pangolin skin in the hill district of Karbi Anglong in Assam on Sunday.

    In regard, two persons have been held by the police in association with the case, notified Special DGP GP Singh in a Tweet.

    “@karbianglongpol and Forest team recovered 10 geckos and 10 KG of Pangolin Skin and arrested two persons,” he wrote.

    It is to be notified that, Pangolin skin, which has a very high demand in the international black market, orders can cost over 3,000 dollars/kg. 

    Meantime, Geckos are little lizards found in warm climates across the globe. They differ from 1.6 to 60 cm long.

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