• Wetlands into Employment: Inspiring story of a village man


    Guwahati: A man who takes others along is a man of inspiration. Let's read it aloud for a village man, Tapan Dutta Baruah, who has turned wetlands into employment, attained self-reliance, and strengthened the rural economy.

    Dutta hails from a small village, Kendukuchi, in the Nalbari district. He has transformed wetlands into fisheries.

    The village locals never thought that such an ample wetland covering could gradually provide employment and excellence for individuals, especially in such a rural setting. However, Dutta has turned hopes into reality.

    He has shared in a video, "We have created a man-made hill here in our place. Everyone out there is making settlements and cutting hills and tress to start construction. But, we are into making up hills which can provide home for flora and fauna."

    Dutta said that fishery is his profession and mushroom cultivation is his passion. He owns a farm in Kendukuchi beel in Nalbari. He has named his farm Baragopal Krishi Bumi Meen Udyan.

    Along with fish farming, Dutta is working on aqua-park development as well. He has started his farm in the year 2000. People were not into the wetlands because crops did not grow there.

    He has also shared, "People of the village have helped in every way to get these lands. I have slowly brought all these lands one by one. Currently, my farm covers 200 bighas of land."

    Locals of the village slowly grasped that wetlands are not waste on the earth. These lands could be transformed into a healthy outline. Even though wetlands are not backed for growing crops, these lands are great for fish farming.

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    Additionally, Dutta has presented a different scenario for the people of the village with his passion for cultivating mushrooms. He stated that all the mushrooms grown on his farm are fresh and have no risk factor. Every bit of the mushroom is consumable. People of the village initially recognized his effort in promoting employment for the youths and magnifying village tourism.

    Having self-reliance and strengthening village tourism has become crucial in today's world. Essentially when the world is enduring pollution and deforestation, this village man has brought a change. He is an inspiration for countless.

    Sharing his story, Dutta stated that fish seeds grown in his farm practice Happa bedding. Some of these fish seeds reach out for sale, which further generates revenue for the farm and people working on the farm.

    The fish seeds grown on the farm use induce breeding. However, they are not into using the cross-breeding process.

    If you wish to bring a change, there are various ways on your pathway. Dutta shared that he is now planting papaya trees beside the shoreline of fisheries. These trees, in a way, provide papaya stocks for other parts of the state.

    Every bit of the farm has been utilized by Dutta. The grass-grown over the land is used for feeding goats. He said that this year, he had adopted animal husbandry practice as well.

    Dutta also believes that no matter what an individual does in his life, he needs proper knowledge and training. Therefore, he has started a training center for other youths of the village.

    He stated that he feels great that he received proper training for fishery and farming from good institutions in India.

    However, he also added, "Our farmers lack in training. Many people seek my help regarding farming tips and suggestions. It is not easy to help everyone individually. Therefore, we have decided to build a training center for such individuals who are into this profession. This center will be a kind of residential center. Individuals can stay and learn about farming."

    Assam's land is very fertile. But, most of the lands in Assam remain like a wasteland. If the people of Assam could utilize wetlands, they could export fish to other states and nations in bulk.

    Such initiatives are very significant for developing land and its people. If one man can provide a way for many, many can definitely bring a mass change in the state. Such practices will enhance village tourism in Assam and gradually strengthen the people's financial status.

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