• Woman of words: An emotional Mirabai Chanu thanked all truckers who gave her lifts during training d


    Imphal: India’s pride, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, sticks to her words. Post winning at the Tokyo Olympics, Mirabai thanked all the truckers who helped her during her struggle days at her residence.  

    Mirabai being from an underprivileged family she couldn't afford private transport during her training days. The 26-year-old would take lifts to Sports Academy from trucks carrying sand to Imphal. 

    Mirabai told Hindustan Times, “I want to seek blessing from the truckers who used to give me lifts from my village to the training center daily. Because of them, I have achieved my goal, I really want to thank them.”

    “I am looking for those sand-carrying truckers so that I can fulfill whatever help they need from my side,” Mirabai added.

    According to her words, on Thursday, she treated 150 truckers and helpers with lunch and gifted their shirts and a Manipuri scarf.

    Filmmaker Naorem Mohen sharing pictures of Mirabai and truckers, tweeted, “Olympiad @mirabai_chanu

    home was more than 25 km from the Sports Academy. No means of transport during those days, except trucks which carried river sands to the City. These truck drivers gave her a lift every day. Today she rewarded these truck drivers.”

    Through her gestures towards the truckers, Mirabai once again wins the heart of India. She set up an example of humanity. The truckers proved how a small help could change someone’s life, leading it to a proud moment for the nation.

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