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Relationships and Divorces: Change in social dynamics in modern India

Digital Desk: “The growing rate of divorces is an indication that the stigma associated with it is on the wane,” said Aarti Mundkur, a lawyer at the Bengaluru family court.

India is known for its integrity and understanding between men and women in a family. As compared to foreign nations, India highlights less rate of separation after marriage. However, the increasing rate of divorce cases in recent years has brought serious concern among individuals. The increase in the rate of cases does not restrict to metro cities in the nation, but it has expanded in remote areas as well. 

You can observe that the modern spectrum of India shows more instances of young couples extraordinarily falling in love and dating. Considerably, these instances should have brought more stability in relationships and marriages. However, the figure of divorces in regional and national family courts indicates an opposite show.

Love is conditional and so does are our relationships. The modern generation has taken this concept much seriously in following up a sacred relation of marriage. Marriages are performed after long-drawn relationships, but they are broken within a few days of rituals and family functions. 

The doors of the family court at once welcome couples getting married, and the other way, they sign off the divorce papers. What are the major issues and reasons that cause these short-term relationships and a trend to get a divorce?

The major contributors to separation were lack of engagement, infidelity, and fight/arguing. Above all, ego plays the lead role in divorces in modern India. 

The high sophisticated film industry celebrities have provided a trend for the youngsters that marriages are just like short contracts. If you take the instances from the filmy world, you will see couples like Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan and so on. 

Divorce data shows that 1.36 million people in India are divorced. More strikingly, the number of people separated is nearly thrice the whole of people divorced.

A major concern turns out when the young generation suffers due to the dilemma of choosing between their parents. The wickedness of anxiety and stress rebuilds the minds of youngsters as they grow up. The separation of parents brings a mindset among children that relationships are not stable and marriages tend to break with time and priorities.

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There was an era where the entire family was guided under the supreme being of the elders. The concept of building nuclear families has turned that supremacy into nill. Nuclear families also include the concept of being independent and strike the concept of not being ‘sorry’ for mistakes. The ego of individuals has surrounded all the terms of love and care. 

Surely, culture and tradition keep evolving, but that is not liable for the change in some underlying concepts in lifestyle- marriages and relationships. When you look back three generations, you can see a difference in living, especially how people have carried their relationships and family.

Can there be a reason for the downfall of marriage consistency due to adopting a western identity? In adopting western modes, we tend to forget the reality where we live, our customs, our ethics and our way of handling human relations.

Mumbai-based psychotherapist and counselor Pallavi Bhurkay stated, “Earlier, couples would come to me to fix the marriage. Now, I have young couples who have come just to convince their family or partner that divorces are right decision.”

 “Now we see young couples who want to separate because they cannot agree on who will do the chores, or because they have realized that they no longer like each other. Most of these are young couples in the first or second year of marriage.”

Data revealed that there is a sudden spike in the number of divorce cases filed in 2020 and 2021, many of them within just six months and one year of marriage.

Divorce rates in the northeast states are comparatively higher than elsewhere in India: Mizoram has the highest divorce rate (4.08%), more than four times that of Nagaland, the state with the second-highest rate (0.88%).

Estimated data would not provide the underlying factors that have caused the breakdown in marriages. Rather when you look around at the swift changes that the world is experiencing in terms of technical development and making human communications paralyzed, you will understand the facts. 



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