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Friday, July 30, 2021
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Saved lives of 22 Covid Patients: Team Sonu Sood

New Delhi: Actor Sonu Sood and his team saved the lives of 22 Covid patients in ARAK Hospital in Bengaluru. The team has worked the entire night to provide oxygen for patients.

There was a lack of accessibility for oxygen in the hospital. On Tuesday, there was a call for Sonu Sood Charity foundation from MR Satyanarayan, the inspector of Yelahanka Old Town regarding the shortage of oxygen supply in ARAK Hospital in Bengaluru. the hospital had already lost two lives earlier due to the shortage of oxygen supply.

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Accordingly, the team has looked out for all their contacts to inform them about the emergency. After few hours, 15 oxygen cylinders were arranged by the team for help.

“This was sheer teamwork and the will to help our fellow countrymen. As soon as we got the call from Inspector Satyanarayan, we verified it and got to act within minutes. The team spent the entire night not thinking about anything else but just helping the hospital get oxygen cylinders. Had there been any delay, many families would have lost their close ones,” Mr. Sood said

“I want to thank everyone who helped in saving so many lives last night. It’s such actions by my team members that make me want to keep going on and on and trying to make a difference in the lives of people. I’m extremely proud of Hashmath who was in touch with me throughout the whole time and the entire team who helped them,” he added.

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The police authorities also came upfront to help to transfer patients to another hospital in the absence of an ambulance driver.


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