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Shocking! 28-year-old man Patrick gives birth to a baby girl

Digital Desk:  On a shocking note, 28-year-old Patrick Schade gave birth to a baby girl child in West Virginia. It seems like this is just fiction, but to be sure , the man in the headlines for being pregnant and having a daughter. 

Last year, Patrick Schade gave birth to a girl child. Whoever knew this news was in shock. In an interview, Patrick said that he was born a woman, but he always wanted to be a man. 

Patrick said,” Let me tell you that I have been using testosterone and estrogen blocker (Testosterone) for a long time (Testosterone and estrogen Blocker) so that I can make the transition.”

However, his life changed once he became a parent. Describing the entire matter, Patrick said he met an anonymous individual on a dating site a few years ago, with whom he became pregnant. 

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According to the ‘Daily Star’ report, Patrick is a Ph.D. scholar and mental health employee by occupation. Patrick said, “When I came to know that I am pregnant, I was completely surprised. After this, I stopped hormone therapy because I wanted to give birth to a child.”

“Even, I was extremely anxious about gender. At that time, I did not comprehend what I desired to evolve. Though, when I came to know about the pregnancy, I desired to give birth to my child. Let me tell you, at present, my father and I are raising that child together. All three of us are very pleased together. We are preparing to lead a happy life in the future,” Patrick added.

The news surfaced on social media platforms after the child’s birth last year. While some of the users support Patrick’s decision, others are concerned about Patrick’s health.



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