Smell test: Sniff and enter malls in Bengaluru after temperature check

Bengaluru: The next time you decide to go to a shopping mall in Bengaluru, you may have to not just pass the temperature check but also prove that your olfactory system is working perfectly well.

Why? Because Bengaluru Mayor Goutham Kumar believes that a smell check can help detect a person who might be infected with the deadly novel coronavirus.

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Loss of sense of smell should be checked along with temperature check before people are allowed to enter a shopping mall, Bengaluru Mayor Goutham Kumar has said.

The Bengaluru Mayor said on Tuesday that along with thermal screening, he should recommend that people are checked for sense of smell before they are allowed entry into a mall.

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“If a person can’t smell things, he/she might not be allowed inside the mall,” the Bengaluru Mayor Goutham Kumar said, and added that he will also write to Karnataka Chief Minister for the same.

“Covid-19 patients suffer from loss of sense of taste and smell. I will write a letter to Karnataka CM and Health Minister. Smell tests should be made compulsory in malls. People who can’t smell should be tested immediately. Smell should also be a criterion,” the Bengaluru Mayor said.

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Loss of smell and taste are Covid-19 symptoms as per an advisory by the Union Health Ministry. Many coronavirus-infected patients report that along with more common symptoms like fever and sore throat, they also suffer from a loss of smell (anosmia) or loss of taste (ageusia) preceding the onset of respiratory symptoms.

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