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SpiceJet to offer free broadband with Boeing 737 MAX after 2 years

New Delhi: The Boeing 737 MAX jetliner was restricted for more than 2 years after 346 people were killed in two fatal air crashes. 

Since ”gone through the highest analysis of any aircraft in history” and is today ”the safest aircraft in the world,” stated Ajay Singh, the Chairman and Managing Director of SpiceJet, which has recommenced flights using the aircraft. 

”SpiceJet began to fly this aircraft two days ago. And so far, with all the flights that we have operated, there’s not even been a minor problem,” he stated.

Low-cost carrier SpiceJet is India’s largest airline that has leaned heavily on the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, having already acquired 13 of them out of a total order of 205 jets. 

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The deal’s overall value is $22 billion. The airline expects the aircraft supply to continue from December. As it ramps up its services when domestic aviation is quickly pulling up the pace to pre-Covid levels.

”It’s essential to have a fuel-efficient aircraft. The MAX is 20% more fuel-efficient than our older aircraft, the Boeing 737-NG,” said Singh. 

In addition to higher fuel performance, the MAX proposes a renewed experience for budget travelers. Legroom is more significant than in legacy modifications of the Boeing 737. The streaming broadband assistance will be open from next month onwards, a first in the Indian market.

The civil aviation division has been one of the worst-affected areas in the Indian marketplace throughout the Covid period. The financial strength of all airlines in India has been massively affected, with several, including SpiceJet, striving to outlive.

Notwithstanding the overall status of the aviation enterprise, Ajay Singh was among the two bidders in Air India, the government-run behemoth that the Tata group has just received. 

”Of course, I was disappointed” at not winning the bid, said Singh. ”I was very occupied with SpiceJet. However, this is the sort of challenge that you get once in your lifetime.

Earlier this month, Spicejet announced that it had opened a contract agreement with Boeing. Boeing has agreed to provide specific services and settle the outstanding requests linked to the grounding of 737 MAX aircraft and its service return. 



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