• "A gold is not enough, we need to think at global level", says Neeraj Chopra

    "A gold is not enough, we need to think at global level", says Neeraj Chopra

    New Delhi: Indian star Neeraj Chopra states that winning a gold medal is not enough. He has created a historic win at Tokyo Olympics 2020 by securing a gold medal for the nation.

    Presently, there were so many events organized for honoring the Olympic medalist. In such a situation, Chopra states that he wished to take part in the Diamond League but won't be able to do so as he has been out of practice due to his numerous functions. 

    Chopra continued that one should not be satisfied with a gold medal, and India must deliver plays consistently in larger competitions. 

    "The attention is certainly necessary, however there's a Diamond League at the end of the month. I had intended to compete in it, but my practice stopped entirely once I returned from the Olympic Games because of the constant number of events. I additionally fell unwell."

    "This is why I think my fitness is not up there now. I can't play accurately. That's why I have to skip the competition. I had intended to play in at least two-three games. These things need to develop in Indian sport. All additional Olympic winners are competing in Diamond Leagues. Their season is advancing. We can't be satisfied with one gold medal. We need to think at a global level. We need to continuously deliver at global competitions like the Diamond Leagues," Chopra informed. 

    There was a lot of discussion around Chopra's spirit following he produced the second throw - where he turned back and began celebrating without even noticing the distance covered by the javelin.

    Chopra demonstrated his vitality in the qualification round, marking the remarkable first-round throw of 86.59 at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.