• "Don't know about the biopic. I need my focus to be on the play for now", says Neeraj Chopra


    Tokyo: Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra states that he is not looking out for a biopic on him presently. He said there are many things on his way and his story has much more to cover. All these achievements are just the beginning of his story.

    The Olympic gold medalist Chopra has declared he wants to concentrate on his sport at this stage. All other matters, including his biopic, can wait.

    Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra created history by throwing the javelin to a range of 87.58m. As a result, he has won the gold medal at the Olympics. Chopra started his search for a reward with a noble throw of 87.03 meters following the initial attempt. He topped it with the final throw of 87.58m.

    When several promoted on social media that Neeraj himself can act in his biopic, the star player said he wants to focus on sports.

    "Don't know about the biopic. I need my focus to be on the play, and after I stop playing, these will look good," stated Neeraj in a press discussion.

    "Then there will be a distinct story, having stated that let me concentrate on my sport too. Till a player is determined, there should be no biopics, and when my playing days are over, we can think regarding that," he continued.

    Besides discussing his next goal, Neeraj replied, "I want to celebrate my win as of now, visit my home, and if I prepare well, I might play a match later in the year and then concentrate on Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, and world championship."

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