• Football legend Lionel Messi bids a teary farewell from Barcelona, Breaks down during press conferen

    Football legend Lionel Messi bids a teary farewell from Barcelona, Breaks down during press conferen

    Bueno Aires: It was a heartbreaking moment for Lionel Messi fans and also football fans all over the globe as he breaks down talking about his Barcelona exit for the first time in front of the media.

    Messi who played 778 matches for FC Barcelona and scored 678 goals will leave Barcelona with 10 league titles, 4 Champions League Crowns, and three Club World Cups among his tally of 35 trophies.

    His family and some of his teammates were present at the Camo Nou to bid him farewell. He started the press conference by saying that he and his family had no plans to leave Barcelona and were planning their future in Barcelona.

    Messi confirmed that everything was in place for him to stay at Barcelona by the sudden change of events surprised him and then La Liga rules changed everything. He also admitted that he wanted to leave the club last year but had tried everything to ensure that he stayed back this year.

     “A lot of things have gone through my head. I’ve still not come to terms with the reality of leaving this club now and changing my life. We need to accept it and move forward. The time when I made my debut, was my dream come true and everything that came later was amazing. I will always remember that moment where everything started. Honestly last year with all the nonsense with the Burofax I was convinced I knew what I wanted to say, but this year is not the same. This year my family and I were convinced we were going to stay here at home, it's what we wanted more than anything. “I did everything to stay here. I agreed to reduce my salary by 50 percent”.

    “We have had some good times and some bad times as well, but the love people have shown me has always been the same.”

    Messi didn’t speak anything about his future saying that he received offers from many clubs after the announcement of leaving Barcelona. When questioned about joining Paris Saint-Germain, he said there is a ‘possibility”.