• India’s ‘Golden Boy’ Neeraj Chopra hikes his endorsement fees by 1000%

    India’s ‘Golden Boy’ Neeraj Chopra hikes his endorsement fees by 1000%

    New Delhi: Riding high on popularity scale, India’s new ‘Golden Boy’ Neeraj Chopra has hiked his endorsement fees by 1000%. The star javelin throwers popularity has soured through the roof, making him the new poster boy of the sports fraternity in the country.

    Neeraj’s popularity is also minting him financial rewards, with his brand endorsement fees reportedly increasing by 1000 percent, with Virat Kohli arguably being the only Indian sportsperson ahead of him.

    Neeraj, who is said to be making only 15-25 lakhs per endorsement on an annual basis before the Tokyo Olympics, is now in talks to sign new deals which will be worth 10 times that money. According to experts, the 10-fold rise in the endorsement value is unparalleled in the Indian sporting spectrum, especially after individual events.

    In comparison, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohl is presently the only sportsperson in the country to be charging a fee in the region of INR 1 to 5 crores. With the rise in his endorsement fees, Neeraj also comes in the same bracket, though only slightly lower than Kohli. This hike, however, does put him ahead of other cricketing stars like Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul who reportedly charge between Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore per year.