• Sportspersons winning National award will be provided government jobs: Assam


    Guwahati: During a press conference on Monday, Assam Sports and Youth Welfare Minister, Bimal Bora has made a historic announcement in association with Assam Sports Club.

    He has mentioned two essential points regarding the declaration:

    1. All sportspersons winning national awards will be provided with Assam government jobs.
    2. Secondly, the scheme for pension will also be initiated for the award winning sportspersons.

    Moreover, the scheme associated with the Assam Electricity Department for revenue collection has also been opened. 

    As per the scheme, no extra interest will be collected by the state government from the holders following the payment of pending dues. 

    Economically weaker sections will be exempted from paying interest. The families of EWC can pay the pending dues in two formats under the scheme

    • Dues above Rs. 30000 can be paid in 10 installments.
    • Dues above Rs. 50000 can be paid in 15 installments. 

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