A tribute from a Diva to a goddess!

beyonce 2017 grammy

Guwahati/Feb 13,(Prag News Desk): Celebrating the African Goddess of fertility, love and care Oshun, RNB diva Beyonce glittered the stage at the Grammy’s’.  Attired as Oshun, Beyonce use African spirituality, traditions to connect the quintessential African culture to the world. This performance was also special because for the first time, Beyonce disclosed her pregnancy and what better way to celebrate

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Richard Gere says “Trump is a burger without filling”

Gere Controversy

Guwahati, Feb 11,(Prag News Desk/Monroe Gogoi): Richard Gere has always been controversy’s favorite child. Recently during the  promotion of his movie, “The Dinner”, Gere made a statement that, “Trump is a no beef substance, a burger I wouldn’t have.” Gere quoted the 1980s television commercial in which a fast-food chain customer asks “where’s the beef?” when handed a giant hamburger

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