• Android users in India will now be able to receive earthquake alerts from Google: here's how

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    Android users in India will now be able to receive earthquake alerts from Google: here's how

    Google's Android Earthquake Alerts System has been introduced in India, providing citizens with real-time alerts...

    Digital Desk: India will soon get access to Google's extremely helpful earthquake alert system. India has now introduced the feature, which was originally scheduled in 2020. 

    In a blog post, Google stated that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Centre for Seismology (NCS), both part of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, had joined together to establish the Android Earthquake Alerts System. 

    Early warnings are extremely important for preventing the loss of life and property during earthquakes, a regular natural disaster. The built-in accelerometer sensors found in Android handsets are used by the Android Earthquake Alerts System. According to the blog article, the accelerometers can serve as tiny seismometers.

    Check how it's going to work: 

    When a plugged-in and charging Android phone detects the first tremors of an earthquake, it sends the information to a central server, according to Google. 

    If multiple phones in the same location detect identical shaking, the server can estimate the features of the earthquake, such as its epicentre and magnitude. 

    As a result, it quickly sends alerts to adjacent Android smartphones. These signals move at the speed of light through the internet, frequently reaching people several seconds before the more severe shaking.

    The notifications are user-friendly and available in a variety of Indian languages supported by Android, guaranteeing accessibility for a diverse spectrum of users.

    Which Android smartphones are supported?

    The feature will be available to Android users with devices running Android 5 or later in the coming week. Users must have Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity, as well as enable both Android Earthquake Alerts and location settings. 

    Earthquake Alerts can be turned off in device settings for individuals who do not want to receive them.

    Furthermore, when users search for terms such as "Earthquake near me," they will obtain appropriate information to assist them in staying safe. The collaboration between Google and the NDMA intends to supplement government efforts in providing fast earthquake notifications and safety information. 

    Previously, Google worked with the NDMA to provide consumers with safety information about natural catastrophes like as floods and cyclones using Google Search and Maps. 

    The launch of the Android Earthquake Alerts System demonstrates Google's dedication to improving disaster preparedness and response in India.

    The newly launched initiative will provide Android users in India with early earthquake warnings, allowing them to take proper precautions and guarantee the safety of themselves and their loved ones in the case of seismic activity.