• Virgin Galactic's Trip To Space Tickets Start At $450,000 Crore Per Seat, also Has a Lucky Draw opti

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    Virgin Galactic's Trip To Space Tickets Start At $450,000 Crore Per Seat, also Has a Lucky Draw opti

    California: Space travel is slowly coming close to being the new normal. It seems space agencies have already started putting price tags on seats. Spaceship company Virgin Galatic(SPCE.N) announced that it will sell tickets for space flights starting at $450,000( or Rs 3,33,51,772) a seat soon.

    The announcement comes weeks after billionaire founder Richard
    Branson’s high-profile trip to the edge of space. Branson soared more than 50 miles above the New Mexico desert abroad a Virgin Galactic plane on 11th July and safely returned in the vehicle's first full test space flight, a milestone venture he started 17 years ago.
    The company received approval from the U.S aviation regulator to fly people to space on June 11 this year. The companys' shares also rose by 5% in extended trading on Thursday, reported Reuters.

    The company said it will have three consumers offerings – a single seat, a multi-seat package, and a full flight buy-out. Sales will initially open for the company’s list of “early hand-raisers”.
    You also have a chance to win 2 free tickets for one of the first commercial space flights which are supposed to begin in 2022. As the company also has a lucky draw option, if you can't afford the high price you can still win tickets if you are lucky. The registration for the same is open till September 1 and the winner will be announced around 29th September. Both the tickets will be given to a single winner and whoever wins can bring their friend, partner or anyone they like. Moreover, if you are an Indian you are eligible to register.

    Minimum age of 18 years is mandatory for the registration The contest also bars people sharing work relationships with Omaze from participating. So, any employee, directors of Omaze, non-profit clients of Omaze, any contractor or other Omaze partner engaged in marketing and/or promoting one or more Experiences or Omaze, in general, aren’t allowed to enter the contest. Further, an individual who is involved in testing, development administration, and/or fulfillment of any experience, including without limitation, any prize supply partners, is not eligible to submit an entry. The contest is not open for people residing in countries on Unites Nation’s list of embargoed countries or countries where the law prohibits intro in any such experience. However, if you are an Indian, you can register for the contest.
    Earlier this month, Virgin Galactic Spaceship carrying Richard Branson touched down after a voyage the British billionaire called this as an “experience of a lifetime”. It reached a peak altitude of around 53 miles (85 kilometers), beyond the boundary of space according to the United States, allowing the passengers to experience weightlessness and admire the Earth’s curvature.