• Meta is releasing AI chatbot in India, here is how you can use it on WhatsApp

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    Meta is releasing AI chatbot in India, here is how you can use it on WhatsApp

    Digital Desk: Meta has finally introduced its AI chatbot on WhatsApp, bringing advanced artificial intelligence directly into your messaging experience. This rollout is a significant move, especially for users in India, as they can now seamlessly interact with AI features within their WhatsApp conversations. Currently, Meta AI is accessible only in English and is initially available in select countries, with India being one of them.


    Similar to other AI assistants like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini, and Microsoft's Copilot, Meta AI on WhatsApp offers a range of features. Users can engage in conversations, seek information, receive recommendations, and even generate text and images using prompts. Whether it's individual or group chats, users can leverage Meta AI to ask questions, request updates, or explore various topics within the familiar WhatsApp interface.


    It's worth noting that unlike regular WhatsApp conversations, which are end-to-end encrypted, interactions with Meta AI are not encrypted. This is because Meta utilises user data and prompts to train its AI algorithms. Despite this, Meta assures users that their personal messages and calls remain secure with end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy.


    To access Meta AI on WhatsApp, users need to update the app to the latest version and look out for the new Meta AI icon. Once spotted, tapping on the icon and accepting the terms will grant access to the Meta AI chatbot. From there, users can seamlessly engage with AI features, ask questions, and generate content within their chats.


    How do I use meta-AI?

    Begin by opening the chat or group chat on WhatsApp where you wish to engage with AI.


    In the message field, input "@" and then select "Meta AI."


    If asked, carefully review and agree to the terms presented.


    Compose your query. For generating images, you can input prompts such as "Create an image of a flying pig," much like how prompts are used in DALL-E or Copilot.


    Hit send. The AI's response will promptly appear in the chat.


    Additionally, you have the option to respond to messages from Meta AI:


    Simply swipe right on the AI message.

    Type out your response.

    Tap Send to transmit your message.

    Meta emphasises user control over their interactions with AI, allowing them to delete individual chats with AI or request the deletion of shared information. This ensures transparency and empowers users to manage their data privacy effectively while benefiting from the capabilities of Meta AI on WhatsApp.