• Noise launches first motion-detecting smart eyewear i1, details here


    The Noise smartglasses have a ground-breaking guided audio design that ensures the music is delivered directly to your ears.

    Digital Desk: After TWS and smartwatches, Noise launched its first smart eyewear in India. The 'i1' eyewear is designed by Noise labs and includes a variety of functions such as motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMS) mic for calling, magnetic charging, hands-free voice control, and more.

    Smart glasses are not very common in India. So far, only Bose has released smart glasses and are in the premium category. Noise wants to make smart glasses more accessible with its new eyewear. One of the reasons the Noise eyewear is less expensive than its competitors is because of this.

    "We are happy to announce Noise i1, the first pair of stylish, smart eyewear built-in Noise Labs. We created our smart eyewear with the future in mind, so anyone looking for the best-in-class audio experience can get the most out of it. We've packed it with all of the important functions, and this is the next step in providing a truly seamless connected experience for our users,"  said Amit Khatri, Noise co-founder.

    The Noise smart eyewear i1 has been released in India for Rs 5,999. The limited-edition smartphone is available for purchase on Noise's official website. The smart glasses come in a traditional black colour.

    Unlike the RayBan Stories, the Noise smart glasses do not have cameras. So if you want cameras in your smart glasses, the Noise i1 isn't for you. The Noise smartglasses have a ground-breaking guided audio design that ensures the music is delivered directly to your ears. The design also manages to block ambient noise, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the music.

    The company claims that the smart glasses can be used for over 9 hours on a single charge. They also have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, which means your glasses will connect to your phone as soon as the temples are opened, avoiding the need to unlock your phone and providing superb music clarity up to 10 metres away. On a 15-minute charge, it can provide 120 minutes of entertainment. 

    Users may also accept and reject calls, regulate music, and activate the voice assistant with the smart eyewear's multi-functional touch controls. It's a full package with UVA/B 99 per cent protection against sun rays and changeable blue light filtering transparent lenses for reducing eye strain and enabling clear vision when using laptops, computers, and other electronic devices.


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