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The Global Wildfire Outbreak: Crisis raging out of Control?

The carbon footprint of the world is rising every single day. The measurement of carbon dioxide in nature grows higher every year. The impact of carbon dioxide could be possibly seen on nature. One of the major impacts of the increase of carbon dioxide in nature is the frequent natural disasters the world is facing. A massive carbon footprint has harmful impacts on the ecosystem.

You can never take back your eyes from analysing more into record-breaking wildfires of Amazon and Australia in recent times. As per the Global Fire Emissions Database scheme run by NASA, ” the damage caused by the fire in the Amazon in 2020 exceeded that of 2019.” The disgrace of the Amazon rainforest has serious outcomes from weather differences to global well-being.

Various diseases like Covid 19, SARS-CoV-2 are on the rise, causing crises throughout the globe. If you want to examine the root cause of such virus expansion, carbon footprint increase will count on your list. The degeneration and fragmentation of tropical rainforests such as the Amazon may be a fundamental factor in this process of increasing threat to the coming future.

Another instance of such a natural calamity takes place in Australia this year. Additionally, climate change is the most radical impact of huge carbon footprints. Around 33 people have been killed, including four firefighters, and higher than 11 million hectares of bush, woodland and meadows were damaged in Australia’s wildfire.

The world is on fire once again. Its devastating to see how years after years, we are witnessing the fire surrounding us. Flora and fauna of the world is buring down into ashes. Why?

The question raising concerns on the greens of the world is turning grey seems problematic. The answer itself is beyond our understanding. it is because the world is burning as “wildfires.” We, as humans, are very happy to term this as ‘wild.’ It feels like the blame is not in us. Rather, this wildfire is all about a natural disaster.

Presently, Turkey is burning; animals are into the fire, humans are fleeing away. The foreign tourist started moving out of the place as the wildfire expands. Around, six people and numerous animals were turned into ashes through the wildfire. Its one week now, and the red fire still sparks with the same rage.

Earlier this year, we have witnessed several wildfires in places like Mizoram, California, Montana, Alaska and various others. All such wildfires cause severe harm to the biological kingdom of the world.

But who is responsible for these wildfires. Nature or Humans? You have to decide this from your perspective. The way humans are treating nature seems wrong. Nature replies with such disasters.

The deforestation of natural planation for industrial development and other advancements cause harm to nature. However, we as humans tend to have the luxury and wanting more. Extended carbon footprints exhaust resources on huge and small orders, from a country’s deforestation projects to the application of air conditioning.

“These hot temperatures will significantly enhance the potential for heat-related diseases, especially for those operating or engaging in outdoor exercises. In addition, car interiors will reach fatal temperatures in a matter of moments,” NWS Great Falls tweeted.

The National Interagency Fire Center states 1,818,438 Acres of land were burnt over recent years wildfires.

It is the responsibility of the present generation of the world to become conscious. If we want the next generations to see the beauty of nature, we have to plan sustainable usage of resources. Or else, we will end up being the last generation to admire the beauty of nature and end it.



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