• Man Says Women With 'Big Tummies' Are Not Virgins; Illogical Claim Shocks Internet

    Man Says Women With 'Big Tummies' Are Not Virgins; Illogical Claim Shocks Internet

    A Twitter user named "Ask Aubry" shared a screenshot of a man's ridiculous rant on women's bodies, along with some illogical thoughts...

    Digital Desk: One man's horrifying claims reminded the internet of how little some people know about women's bodies and how important sex education is. He claims that women without flat tummies have lost their virginity. But wait, there's more!

    A Twitter user named "Ask Aubry" posted a screenshot of a man's illogical rant, and the internet could not believe it. In the post, the man stated that a woman with a stomach bump had lost her virginity. Furthermore, he claimed that men "care" about flat tummies and that it does not make them "bad or superficial" to desire women with such physical features.

    In the nonsensical rant, he also stated that the little bump is the uterus showing. "Non-flat stomachs are only ever hot if you’re the reason they aren’t flat anymore," he added.

    Sharing the post, "Ask Aubry" jokingly captioned it, "Ladies, is your uterus showing today?" Unsurprisingly, the post drew a wide range of responses.

    One user wrote, "Yeah, I had a little tummy bump as soon as puberty changed my body shape. I was 13 and extremely innocent."

    "Can we get a OneSexEd for this buddy with a side of human biology?" another wrote. While another user wrote, "Pro tip, ladies: if you eat a huge burrito, you get to eat a huge burrito AND this guy won’t hit on you. Think you have a stomach bump already? Don’t risk it. Have a burrito. You can never be too sure."  

    "I refuse to believe this man has ever touched a woman. I’d puke if he talked to me," another user claimed. 

    Well, some people and their thoughts are definitely "unreal."