• Meet Warrior Ummul Kher, whom her parents disowned, battling odds became an IAS Officer

    Meet Warrior Ummul Kher, whom her parents disowned, battling odds became an IAS Officer

    Ummul Kher was born into a traditional household in Marwar, Rajasthan, and moved to Delhi with her family when she was five years old...

    Digital Desk: A true and immensely inspiring story of a girl named Ummul Kher who despite great odds became an IAS Officer. Let's go through her journey and learn more about her-

    Ummul Kher's Childhood Story and Background:

    Ummul Kher was born into a traditional household in Marwar, Rajasthan, and moved to Delhi with her family when she was five years old.

    Her family lived in a ghetto in Nizamuddin, following the demolition of their neighbourhood, the family shifted to another Trilokpuri slum.

    Ummul's mother died when she was in the 9th grade. Ummul's father used to own a clothing store and remarried after Ummul's mother died. Ummul's stepmother did not want her to continue her education after eighth grade. 

    Ummul was forced to leave her home for higher studies as a result of this. Ummul began tutoring at an early age; she received 91% in 10th grade and 90% in 12th grade. Ummul suffers from a bone fragility illness. Because of this disease, 16 of her bones were shattered, and she had to have 8 operations. Ummul enrolled in JNU after her 12th grade and graduated.

    Ummul started studying for the UPSC and achieved rank 420 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2016 to become an IAS.

    Afterwards, the journey of Kher leaving home: 

    Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust supported Kher's education after Class 8. They assisted her as needed and even paid for her Class 9 and 10 tuition.

    Abhishek Ranjan, a DU acquaintance, recalls Kher's challenging college days, saying, "She funded her education through the money she won at debates in DU colleges." You can make good money because the prize money is substantial in various college festivals. "However, because she had tuition, she was unable to participate in evening debates," he explained.

    UMMUL's Road to Success Paved with Ups and Downs:

    Ummul Kher's journey to becoming an IAS officer has been extremely commendable. This 28-year-old lady has exhibited the power of resolve, persistence, and resilience in the face of challenges. 

    Kher's life has been riddled with difficulties, including a serious bone problem, family abandonment, and a life of poverty. Despite this, she overcame all of her challenges to not only obtain an education but also to pass the UPSC exam on her first attempt, achieving 420th place. 

    Her narrative serves as a light of hope for all UPSC applicants, particularly those who are feeling discouraged throughout their preparation. Kher's life exemplifies the strength of women's empowerment, and her triumph over gender discrimination and countless hurdles is very remarkable.

    Kher's Education: 

    Ummul Kher attended Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped until grade V.

    Following that, she attended Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, a government-run charitable institution, until the eighth grade.

    Her relatives objected to her continuing her studies after her mother died, claiming that she had already had more than enough schooling as a girl.

    Despite the threats and abuse, Kher chose to leave her house and live alone in Trilokpuri's Jhuggi Jhopri (JJ) Cluster. To support herself, she started teaching slum youngsters.

    The Route to Selection as an IAS Officer:

    Despite the perilous constraints, Kher continued tutoring to pay for her undergraduate studies and won some much-needed money in college debate competitions. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Hons).

    A small mishap in 2012 forced her to use a wheelchair for a year.

    Ummul Kher passed an entrance exam for a master's degree in International Studies at JNU after graduating. This supplied her with adequate cash, removing the need for her to continue tutoring.

    She was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at JNU in 2013, with a monthly salary of Rs.25,000.

    Ummul has been a trainee at Duskin Leadership Training in Shunjuku, Japan, since September 2014.

    Choosing IAS as a career goal 

    Kher believes that the civil services exam will allow her to realise her aim of "social work and impacting people's lives."

    Kher's story is an inspiration for IAS candidates, showcasing what pure determination and a tough spirit can accomplish in the face of adversity.