• Starbucks selling 'Ajji approved filter coffee' for 290, See how the netizens respond

    Starbucks selling 'Ajji approved filter coffee' for 290, See how the netizens respond
    Starbucks has been under backlash from netizens for their exorbitantly priced 'Ajji approved filter coffee'...

    Digital Desk: To tempt more Indian customers, Starbucks, the world's largest coffee chain, updated their menu last year and introduced delicacies such as masala chai and filter coffee. 

    A Twitter tweet displaying the company's marketing for its grandmother-approved filter coffee for 290, without taxes, has now gotten a lot of attention. While several people stated that their grandparents would not accept of an exorbitantly priced filter coffee, others stated that they would certainly approve with a 290 monthly subscription for Starbucks coffee.

    "Dear Starbucks, there's literally no ajji on God's green planet who'll approve a filter coffee for 290rs + taxes," read the comment placed beside a photo uploaded by Twitter user Adithya Venkatesan. The image shows a Starbucks promotional standee with a picture of a young man sipping steaming hot coffee with his ajji (grandmother). "Ajji approved filter coffee for Shivu," according to the inscription on the standee. Starbucks, starting at 290*." It also includes the hashtag #ItBeginsWithYourName.
    The tweet has received over 3.5 lakh views, nearly 11,000 likes, and many retweets since it was uploaded a few hours ago. Many Twitter users have also responded to the post in the comments box.
    In the middle of the backlash Previously, images of Starbucks co-founder Zev Siegl enjoying masala dosa and a cup of traditional filter coffee at Bengaluru's Vidyarthi Bhavan went popular online. Siegel even left a touching letter expressing his desire to bring the excellent experience back to Seattle.