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“We always found him busy with his laptop” Bulli Bai app creator’s father

Digital Desk: Niraj Bishnoi, the purported inventor of the Bulli Bai app, which displayed images of Muslim women, including many important personalities, “for auction,” is an intelligent student who is a loner, who is devoted to his laptop. Niraj Bishnoi, the app creator’s father, stated. 

According to the senior Bishnoi, his 21-year-old son became addicted to the device after receiving a free laptop from the Assam government as part of a scheme to reward students who achieve high grades in class 10 and has been practically locked inside his room since the first lockdown in March 2020.

“What he does, we do not know at all. Niraj used to keep to himself since his childhood days. He hardly has any friends,” Mr. Bishnoi, who owns a commercial pickup van, told news agency PTI.

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The app creator’s father also recounted that many a time Niraj’s laptop had been seized by the principal of Nkem Science Academy, where he studied classes 11 and 12. 

“I had to go to the Academy many times to get the laptop back. I don’t know what he used to do with it,” said Mr Bishnoi.

The worried father, pleading innocence, stated, “We have no idea who is responsible for that (the app). He was always engrossed in his laptop. We’re praying to God that he returns home soon because he has a second-semester exam coming up next month.”

Niraj is now a second-year computer science student at VIT Bhopal. He attended a Christian missionary school and received 86 percent in his class 10 board exams and 82 percent in his higher secondary (class 12) board exams before qualifying for a bachelor’s degree in computer science and continuing his education at the Bhopal Institute.

He was arrested in the wee hours of Thursday morning from Jorhat District by Delhi Police in association with their Assam counterpart. 

When asked about Niraj’s detention, his father revealed that three Delhi police officers and their Assam counterparts arrived at their home in Digambar chowk in Rajamaidan area in Jorhat district at around 11 p.m. on January 5 and interrogated them.

“He was taken away early next morning,” he said.

Niraj is the fourth person to be arrested in the Bulli Bai case.

He has two siblings – sisters who are elder to him. One graduated with a master’s degree in mathematics from Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology, while the other is a law student in Noida. His mother runs a government fair price shop in Jorhat.

A senior Madhya Pradesh police official said on Thursday that Niraj is a second-year engineering student and is known to be a bright student. But he had never attended in person classes at his engineering college.


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