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What is the future of Left Front in India?

Guwahati: Political scenario tends to change over time, and uncertainty prevails for those in power. Consider the political outline of the Left Democratic Front, which was under the prominent power spectrum in India at a time. However, turns and takeovers brought a marginal gap in their power and endurance for the party.

In 1964 a major split occurred in the Communist Party of India. CPI was split into the (Right)’/’Right Communist Party or CPI(Left)’/’Left Communist Party.’ Later, the CPI(Left) registered itself as the ‘Communist Party of India (Marxist).’

Politically the front contested well in the 1950s. In 1957 the Left Front won over Congress in legislative assembly elections in Kerala and, under Chief Minister E.M.S. Namboodiripad formed the first non-Congress government in independent India. 

Left Front had a stronghold over West Bengal. The Left Democratic Front (LDF) broke a long cycle of one-term government in the state, continuing since 1977. However, in 2021, CPI(M) has witnessed two striking outcomes. First, CPI made a significant win in Kerala; by winning the assembly election.

Secondly, a severe defeat was witnessed when the Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Front failed to win even a single seat in the West Bengal assembly election. Since independence, CPI (M) did not hold any representative in the Bengal state assembly for the very first time. 

The party had a stronghold over West Bengal and ruled the state for almost 34 years under the leadership of the former chief minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Basu. Basu was one of the co-founders of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). However, a decade the CPI (M) rate in West Bengal dropped down to zero. 

The Left leadership in Bengal is often held liable for not delivering a way for the next period. Political scientist Biswanath Chakraborty said, “When CPI(M) targets TMC and BJP for communal politics, they forged an agreement with another communal force. This is nothing but a double standard. People didn’t accept.” 

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On the other hand, the Left Front in Tripura consisted of CPI(M), AIFB, and RSP won a landslide triumph in the 1977 Tripura Legislative Assembly election. Left Front had a stronghold over Tripura till 2018. 

 In the 2018 Tripura Legislative Assembly election, the Left Front was taken over by the Bharatiya Janata Party-Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura. Biplab Kumar Deb of Bharatiya Janata Party became the 10th Chief Minister of Tripura.

Amidst all such losses, The Left Democratic Front (LDF) has continued to mark its footprints in Kerala since 1982. The Left Front alliance consists of CPI(M), CPI, KC(M), NCP, JD(S), LJD, INL, and various smaller parties.

Kerala ranks as the state with the highest literacy rate in India, and communist power continues in that land. Efforts have been made to strive hard for bringing down the CPI(M) power in Kerala. However, efforts by the opposition parties in Kerala go in vain with a full-sphere win of CPI(M) in the state.

In one political scenario, the Left Front is under threat for power dominance. On the other hand, the BJP party seems to ruin in Kerala, one of India’s most acknowledged and glorified states in India. Does it indicate that the future of the Left Front will stand on the nation’s literacy rate?

For the BJP government, Kerala had always turned out to be a criss-cross land. When the saffron party managed to make its stronghold over several states in India, its still ruins in Kerala. The 2021 assembly poll was a significant hit, with the party’s failure in vote share despite massive funding, workforce, and institutional support from the central leadership.

There is only one state against all other states in India where the Left Front maintains its grip. Will this one state be the game-changing land for the Left Front party to make a comeback in different states of India in the future? 


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