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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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What will be the future of students in a world of Coronavirus?

Digital Desk: Coronavirus has shown its impact in almost every sphere of our lives. But if you consider the group of students who are either attending school, college or university, you will see they have experienced a different world of education.

Let’s recall when students used to get ready for their daily classes, meet friends, and make memories. However, these days every student’s academic life is extended only within the walls of their room, surrounded by the echoes of virtual classes in which the words break out at a large scale.

This term will be the third year for students all over the nation, where the coronavirus will smash their academic life in institutions. Once again, students will go back to their room table with their laptops or mobile phones for virtual classes.

Do you think such virtual classes can ever fulfill the fair knowledge delivered through in-person classes at institutions? Most of the nation’s major states have already declared that schools and colleges will remain close due to the surge of the third wave of coronavirus.

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On the one hand, these restrictions will protect lives from getting infected with the coronavirus. Yet, in another way, these limitations will setback the excess of proper knowledge for the students for another year through virtual classes.

It seems like the future of education is all bound to virtual learning. The upcoming generations will never understand the essence of what it felt like visiting schools and colleges, making friends and taking up responsibilities through institutions journey.

Moreover, those students who have lived an in-person life for education just before the coronavirus’s arrival get stressed due to the continuance of the virtual education standard. The virus has affected the lives of pupils and their mental health considerably. 

Moreover, despite making various attempts to reach out to students through online classes, many students still seem to remain out of reach. Most high altitude and remote regions are still away from 2G networks. What about those students who cannot afford a smartphone for their virtual lessons?

The government has made efforts to reach out to the drawbacks of online classes. However, it will take decades to fulfill the requirements of these needs. It is because, government, first of all, needs to employ additional aspects while trying to supply facilities in terms of education. 

Therefore, everyone should take proactive steps to develop inclusive, resilient, and quality teaching techniques to fit the future world of coronavirus.


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