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Who is Shweta and why is she trending on social media?

New Delhi: The internet is full of weird stuff, add to it to, an extra dose of ROFL moments with a beautiful spread of memes flooding social media platforms to enlighten us with new specter of laughable moments. Oh well, this time, keeping aside the “pawri ho rahi hai” memes (which is still in trend and engaging celebrities in this meme fest), “Shweta” is trending the internet a lot.

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‘Shweta’, a girl’s name that has gone everyone talking online, is the new trend. Well who is Shweta after all and why is she trending so much?

In case you’re wondering who is Shweta or why she’s going viral, the answer to that is a leaked Zoom call of an online class where a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her mic. While that is one gaffe all of us have committed in the course of last year, it was her private discussion with a friend that went public and got people’s attention online.

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In the video going viral, the girl continues to share some private details of a boy, who had asked her to keep it a secret. Fellow students try to warn her that her mic is on, but in vain.

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Usne ye apne best friend ko bhi nahi bataya (He didn’t even say it to his best friend),” Shweta is heard saying at one point. To which, a fellow student quipped: “Ab ye 111 logo ko pata chal gaya hai (Now, 111 people have heard of it).”


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