Why are women posting black-and-white photos on Instagram?

Guwahati: Over the last few days, Instagram feed has been filled with black and white images of women. The challenge accepted trend was started on Instagram to promote female empowerement and nominating several other friends to take part in the campaign, in a way to show support to each other.

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So far, more than 3 million photos have been uploaded with the hashtag ChallengeAccepted. An Instagram spokeswoman said on Monday said, “Based on the posts, we’re seeing that most of the participants are posting with notes relating to strength and support for their communities.”

However, this is not the first time black-and-white photos are gaining popularity on Instagram supporting a cause. In 2016, black-and-white photos with the same hashtag ChallengeAccepted were meant to spread a message of cancer awareness. Participants nominate at least one other woman to post a black-and-white image portrait.

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