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Why does Guwahati fail to get Swachh Survekshan-2021 rankings?

Guwahati: When good news encompasses Assam with nine cities under Swachh rankings this year, there is concern regarding the most transforming city of Assam- Guwahati.  

Why does Guwahati fail to get into the Swachh rankings? Is this a big issue?

Guwahati seems like a city of surprises and development. However, citizens must consider why the city failed to make it to the Swachh rankings?

Well, considering the poor sewerage system, bringing life into a battling ground for fresh drinking water, the conditions of wastages on roads and the plight of humans to convert wetlands into construction sites and much more reflect why the city failed to make up to the rankings. 

The mighty Brahmaputra miscarried the narratives of having a green city and taking the freshwater into the hearths of Guwahati. The river cried and left its course as it received wastes from construction and industries.  

Did you take a recent tour of the mighty Brahmaputra in the heart of Guwahati? If yes, you know why the water felt different, and the breeze felt drier than earlier. So, you know why Guwahati failed to make it to the Swachh rankings.

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The government talks about bringing development and turning the land into a greener space. Sadly, promises turned grey as the city failed to make it to the rankings. No matter what developments are on their rollercoaster pace. The pace of degrading the greenery of the land is higher, though. Development turns positive if the land shows a green light. 

Let’s talk about the man-made shortage of water crisis in Guwahati. This city in the coming years will touch rankings under ‘top cities with the high rate of water crisis’ for sure.

Apart from the water crisis battle, let’s talk about the poor drainage system that takes east Guwahatians into a dumping ground during the rainy season.

People of Guwahati rejoiced when the ambitious Greater Guwahati Water Supply Project was sanctioned in 2009 — announced at the cost of Rs 389.53 crore. 

After years of investment, in which roads across the city were dug to lay water pipelines, officials now state that the project’s achievement date has been shifted to 2022. 

Time passes by, but works remain incomplete. Pollution touches height, and there’s ain’t any solution. Whom to blame? Who is the claim?



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